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Hello 123Posted by on Oct 7, 2020 in Blog

Series Employment Training


M-Bridge proudly presents a unique series of free employment training funded by the Canadian Red Cross and Employment and Social Development Canada.

Each session is unique and independent, but all 10 sessions are related and connected. You can absolutely benefit from one session, of course, you will get fully equipped for getting your dream job and sustaining it by taking all sessions. The Certificate of Completion will definitely add weight to your resume. 

Course List:

  1. Unleash Your Wow
  2. Digital is the New Normal
  3. LinkedIN or LinkedOUT
  4. Master Virtual Networking
  5. How Canadian Etiquette and Workplace Culture Help You Land a Job
  6. A Showcase of Different Network Settings by a Social Etiquette Expert
  7. The Magic of Communication for Your Career
  8. The Building Blocks of Your Career I -Integrity
  9. The Building Blocks of Your Career II – Accountability
  10. The Building Blocks of Your Career III – Commitment

Please sign up for each course separately through the link below in order to get your tickets for each course:

*Funded by the Canadian Red Cross and Government of Canada (Employment and Social Development Canada).

**Participants will receive a certificate for the sessions attended.

M-Bridge is a non-profit organization serving professional immigrants for employment through training, mentoring and coaching on softs-kills, social and cultural integration for over a decade